Eliminate records on paper and the excessive control on spreadsheets!


Our solution in process digitization contains functionalities that guarantee quality and total follow-up, from the collection of the information until the conclusion of the Ticket, Service Order and Action Plan.

  • Full customization of forms by the clients key-user

  • Unlimited creation of forms by the user

  • Automation of action plans and services

  • Scheduling activities

  • Offline Execution

  • Automatic distribution of reports to users or third parties

  • Operational dashboard with real-time status

  • Exclusive communicator via APP and WEB (auditable data)

  • Access to data according to each profile

  • Multi-language platform


Management of facilities: shopping malls, hospitals, universities, industries, hotels, office or residential complexes.

  • Cleaning of controlled environments (laboratories and hospitals)

  • Control of positioning and movements of equipment and other assets

  • Field maintenance operations

  • Operational quality management (5S programs, records of occurrence etc)

  • Management of action plans

  • Execution of audits

  • Inspection of products in reverse logistics or after-sales logistics

The main steps to configure your processes

Web User

Set up automatic reporting for your teams, managers, and customers

Define the automations for automatic triggering of tickets and action plans

Create your forms

Configure the parameters for execution and data collection via mobile application

App User

Running via mobile application


View your calendar to execute

forms, services orders or action plans.

You can view historical data of your activities and assets registered in your mobile  application

Action plans can be configured to be automatically distributed to your different workgroups

Scan bar code, QR code 

or read NFC Tag 

Execute the available form for you


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