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Get maximum management efficiency and monitoring your operation through robust Service Order controls by executing in stages and different work zones or even on other sites. Obtain traceability on the execution of services by different users and suppliers with all the evidence and control over each delay.


The tool allows the registration of contracts with clients and suppliers for the complete financial management and integration with its accounting and financial system.


This tool is directed to operations or projects that require a high control in the execution of services by your team or suppliers, be it in-house or in the field, and with real-time monitoring by your back office.

  • Technical assistance repair processes, such as equipment rental

  • Management of repairs and services for vehicle dealers, PDI and other automotive operators

  • Panel for monitoring executions by stage since the opening of the ticket or creation of the Service Order

  • Control of services by user and times of execution

  • Staged execution control

  • Material handling and breakdowns per piece

  • Execution of Service Orders 100% by application

  • Offline Execution

  • Contract management with clients

  • Contract management with suppliers

  • Schedule of planned services and times

  • Billing module

  • Cost Control Module

  • Financial and operational approvals via WEB and APP