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Without effective operational control there is no continuous improvement!

When we talk to clients in the prospecting phase, we hear phrases like these:

“The order for the part was made in duplicate!”

“They changed the oil unnecessarily!”

“The client opened an emergency call and there is no record. And now he wants to terminate the contract!”

These are real symptoms about the lack of control of maintenance and service processes, or, often described by the term tip of the iceberg.

What's the point of running an OS via paper or a simple digital checklist and needing, for example, spreadsheets and other systems to retype or export the information and achieve an unsatisfactory result? And to grow it is always necessary to hire more people to perform activities with very low added value.

The Namoa solution solves exactly this problem and brings high control and transparency to the processes. The focus becomes the improvement of internal processes to guarantee the quality of service at a competitive cost.

Namoa provides dashboards, reports and all data for export for consistent analysis of real business problems:

“Where are my biggest failures? What actions do I need to take?”

“How do I prioritize my maintenance actions by customer A, B and C?”

“How can I improve my strategy for purchasing inputs?”

How to solve 80% of your problems with 20% effort? This needs to be your goal.


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